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HRONESOFT is a world class Recruitment and Human Resource management software that helps hiring best talent ensuring - compliance, growth and development of the organization. This software streamlines the resource requisition process - starting from request initialization, CV management, CV tracking, scheduling interviews, short listing candidates and finally hiring the right professional.

HRONESOFT has an ideal solution that caters to any organization or industry - whether small, medium or large. This web based software can be easily accessed from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. HRONESOFT provide the best Recruitment and Human Resource management process to hire the right talent for the required position ensuring compliance to your company's selection criteria.

We understand that the professional you are hiring is not just a number addition, but a productivity addition and you would like this individual to be hired right at the correct time - using the right tools, right sources and right process.

HRONESOFT assist you to create a bigger, better and stronger organization through most effective Recruitment and Human Resource management process. Our intelligent, process oriented and strategic Recruitment and HR software will give you a cutting edge technology compared to other similar softwares.

We recommend you to use HRONESOFT in Google Chrome.