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HRONESOFT makes routine Recruitment and HR activity easy, efficient, user friendly with easy to use interfaces at an affordable price.

At HRONESOFT we are passionate about helping Recruiters and HR professionals with user friendly recruitment process. That’s why we have developed this software for helping Recruiters and HR professionals to find the right candidates to suit their organizational goals. HRONESOFT enables company managers to hire best candidates. Content for this incredible software was prepared with guidance and input from New Zealand experienced Recruitment and HR professionals.

Talent Acquisition is a unique skill to : procure, assess and recruit highly talented candidates - to fill jobs, to accomplish company goals and to achieve strategic objectives. It also includes - retaining talent, strategic talent assessment and talent development for the organization.

HRONESOFT helps talent acquisition by setting standards for - candidate assessment, corporate hiring, employee development & retention and career progression.

HRONESOFT helps you to employ most suitable professionals - to ensure growth and development of the company. Hiring the right talent is critical for the company and its growth.

HRONESOFT is backed by an immensely talented software development team; constantly endeavor to provide outstanding solutions and service to their clients.

We recommend you to use HRONESOFT in Google Chrome